Life Beyond Malbec

Don't panic! Of course we've got some Malbec in stock for you, who can deny it's our staple and from the demand, yours as well! There is no need for "either - or" when you can make a bit of room in your cellar and get acquainted with other great varietals grown in...

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A Chilean Summer

Home to a lengthy coastline down the western seaboard of South America with the Atacama desert to the North and cool Patagonia to the South, Chile offers a very diverse climate. Its wine growing valleys are mainly found in a small central belt of the country where...

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Sparkling Apple Cider

Sparkling apple cider, also known as Sidra, is very popular in Argentina during the holiday season. Our Sparkling Sidra is artisanally produced from Ontario apples using the traditional Normandy method with a splash of Argentine influence in its characteristics. On...

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Holiday Gifting

There are a number of occasions to bring your private label wines into the corporate world. Whether you're looking for a unique corporate holiday gift for your clients and colleagues, adding it as an added touch for a customized gift basket, or having it as a way to...

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Malbec Rosé

While we always encourage you to have a full body red aging in your cellar, as a farewell to summer we are putting our Malbec Rosé on special. Take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and enjoy our dry rosé as you watch the leaves change color and the patterns...

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Put your label on it!

As we all know, time can fly by at this time of year and before you know it the holiday party invites are rolling in. With so many specials for the harvest, this is a great time to order your selection of wines for the holiday season. Be ready to host or to gift! If...

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Sauvignon Blanc: The Kiwi Way

Sauvignon blanc is said to get its name from the French words sauvage ("wild") and blanc ("white") due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France. Sauvignon blanc is planted in many of the world's wine regions, producing a crisp, dry, and...

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Aussie Shiraz

For several years we have been offering our Chilean Syrah at VDG, and last year we added a new Shiraz inspired by the winemaking styles of our Aussie vintners. In our Australian Shiraz you will find bright fruit flavours including blueberries, black currants and black...

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The Perfect Pair: Cider & Cheese

The characteristics of primary fruit flavours combined with purity and balance makes our Sparkling Sidra perfect to drink as an aperitif or with various culinary options. A great way to greet your guests at any holiday cocktail party alongside simple hors d'oeuvres,...

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